How to take care of your towels

Care for your towels like you care for your body

Fitted towels are made of durable 100% Turkish cotton. They will last for hundreds of washes, and keep you warm and dry for years—if you take good care of them. 

Cotton is a natural fiber, and responds well to washing in hot water with the right amount of good-quality detergent. To maintain the soft, plush feel of our towels, you'll need to use softener on every wash cycle—whether in the form of dryer sheets, wool balls, or another method. 

Wash towels after two uses or every 3-4 days. Always wash white towels on their own, and use a small amount of bleach or white vinegar to eliminate bacteria and odors. Wash colors separately. Shake wet towels before putting them in the dryer to fluff the loops. Dry completely on medium heat. 

Fitted Luxe: How to take care of your plush towels

Fitted Luxe Towels recommends Seventh Generation products

Seventh Generation products help to minimize environmental impacts of washing and drying your towels. Their products don't contain artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals, so you can wrap your towels around your body with confidence.
Sustainable Sourcing
Seventh Generation sources plant-based ingredients that help strengthen renewable supply chains and help decrease our fossil fuel dependence.
Climate Action
Seventh Generation supports the fight for climate justice and a fossil free future that's healthier and more equitable for all. 
Better, Less, No Plastic
From packaging products in PCR plastic to creating zero plastic solutions, Seventh Generation is committed to helping reduce plastic waste.
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